242.pilots : a real-time video improvisation ensemble

hc gilje (norway)
kurt ralske (usa)
lukasz lysakowski (poland)

three video artists who perform collaboratively.
using their own custom software, 242.pilots expressively improvise rich,
layered experimental video works in real-time (both as a trio and as soloists).

improvising as a group, the three artists respond and interact with each other's images
in a subtle and intuitive way. images are layered, contrasted, merged, and transformed.
the degree of interplay and unspoken communication between the artists is akin the best
free jazz ensembles.

the end product is a complex 'visual conversation': a quasi-narrative exploring
degrees of abstraction; a mesmerizing, immersive journey through diverse landscapes;
or just raw retinal delight.

the New York Times praised their work as "a compelling, intruiging alliance of sound and motion".

since their inception in 2001, 242.pilots have performed at museums, galleries and theaters
throughout Europe, Canada, and USA, including the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art,
Impakt Festival in Utrecht, NL, and Theatre Mercelis in Brussels.

the 242.pilots DVD
"Live in Bruxelles" received the Image Award at
Transmediale.03 International Media Art Festival in Berlin, February 2003