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hc gilje: within the space of a moment (2005)
per kvist: cityscapes (2005)
jeremy welsh: preface to shadowgrounds catalogue (2001)
andreas broeckmann: interview with gilje for the shadowgrounds catalogue (2001)
gerrit gohlke :working on the myth (2001)
hc gilje: videonervous (1999)

the shadowgrounds catalogue


documentation of nodio composer, based on sept06 version.
documentation of Iball in Berlin, sept-oct 2006
documentation of drifter installation at tssk, march 2006
description of drifter
dense_installation documentation
blind_dvd excerpt
randomstudio sessions extract (blue)

crossings excerpt
evil is going on excerpt
hkmark1 excerpt
night for day trailer
shiva excerpt
spark edit
stacking of different natures excerpt
sunblind excerpt
242.pilots excerpt
irre (2006)