Time Bandit (2000/2001/2002)

a continually developing series of computer-video algorythms/installations/performances based on live input, dealing with different ways of presenting and transforming space over time, and time into space.

The first use of the time bandit structure as an installation in a public space was for the Autumn Exhibiton in Norway, fall 2000, as part of the group installation sement where a live feed from the camera pointed at the door of the space was captured, chopped up and transformed and projected on a screen meeting the visitors.

The next development of this project was for the sommerfest 2001 exhibition at podewil in Berlin, where the concept of capturing and transforming the live input was refined by working on different ways of combining the buffered material with the live feed, emphasizing the motion in the space in one mode, and in another focusing on the static quality of the space where the people moving in it become mere shadows.

During work on a liveperformance with the 242.pilots at Steim, Amsterdan fall 2001 Gilje developed an algorythm that spatializes time by layering random parts of incoming video feed on top of the existing image, creating a continually changing collage reflecting different layers of time, a concept he has also developed for his live performances (crossings and the installation Storm are two examples)