Videonervous (1999-2000)

A three-part project seeking to explore the possibillities of video as a live medium, through collaborations with already established live disciplines : music, dance and theatre.
The project was based on the recent technological changes, which has given video much of the same possibillities as working with digital audio.
The main focus of the project was to make use of the immediacy which the digital technology offers, and develop video as an instrument, but also to create fluid spaces through projections, and the ability of video to function as both a set design element and a narrative element.
This project has been the seed to much of Gilje´s work the las two years.

The individual parts :
jammer: a video-audio jam, collaborating with musician Aksel H. Tjora. First performance in Trondheim spring 99, later performed at ISEA2000 in Paris.

joystick : a collaboration with choreographer Eva-Cecilie Richardsen (which later led to the creation of KreutzerKompani)

vn3: a collaboration with stagewriter/poet Lise Gundersen.